I came from a military family. Honesty, integrity, responsibility are part of family principles. Both my father and grandfather were the general in army. My father additionally was a renowned professor in engineering. I exposed to science at the age of two. Critical reasoning strategy has been implemented since then. I grew up in a military campus. Reading The Art of War and discussing war strategies with father are throughout my life. My mother was a successful entrepreneur whom I learned entrepreneurial and management skills. After embracing both parent’s strength, I have gone my own journey…

Stage I. Chemist & Work at Nanotechnology

I studied Chemistry & Material Science at Rice University under the Nobel Prize & the Father of Nanotechnology, Richard Smalley. Science is my root where I later expanded the knowledge reservoir into a full range of industries by teaching myself and reading books.

Stage II. Independent & Professional Woman

I own five patents and 32 publications in Nanotechnology. My publication was included in Science, Physical Chemistry, and the cover of Nano Letter, etc. My passion and destiny is to drive for technology. I believe that technology needs to marry with “BEAUTY” and bring tangible benefits to people’s everyday life.

Stage III. To be Continued

Life is a journey. I constantly seek for the definition of life. During this journey, I failed enormously, but these failures further fostered my love to life. In real life, I practice being truthful to myself and my every day.

Obliterate conformity. Let our TALENTS take us as far as we can soar. Life has NO boundary! Being FEARLESS is the attitude of my life.

As usually, I designed and built every elements in this site all by myself.

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