Creativity Source

Creativity Source

October 19, 2013
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Creativity Source

Every morning, I opened eyes with ideas pouring into my head. My brain functions as a super computer and processes information in nano-second. I acquired heightened state of perception in nanotechnology, IT, corporate finance, art appreciation, graphic design, philosophy, psychology, and strategy. Besides science, I taught myself all of the rest fields by reading books and practicing.

Most of my everyday is dancing among the majority of these fields. My creativity undoubtedly assures me accomplish many goals and continuously inspires my days. Now, I will unlock my creativity source secretes.

Expand Perspectives & Realization

I look universal matters from many perspectives and attempt to grasp full comprehension in essence. People’s cognition and perception can be developed unlimited, but how much achievable is limited.  Sometimes, I place myself into other people’s brain and view from their scopes. Indeed, this website design was the product of this strategy. I was inspired by a photographer, and his art work brought me into black and white photography. My understanding of his work is silent and elegant, and I added my modern flair.

Read Enormous Information & References

Einstein has a famous saying, “Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”  Sources refers to existing information and reference. Keeping up with current trend can surprisingly inspire us in many ways. In science and technology, we must connect with the previous experience of reality in addition to add a new idea/innovation.

Develop the Ability to Visualize

Close eyes and run a movie in mind. It helps me see the sequence of upcoming actions and view things in a big picture. Since my first chemistry class, I have been able to picture atoms including electrons and vision their reaction mechanism. Visualization is also a powerful tool to solve problem and sort out various elements.

Creativity is not in isolation but vividly connected with high level of perception. The broader knowledge spectrum we achieved, the better chance we can be inspired. Creativity as any other talents needs to continuously sharpen and be challenged.

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