September 18, 2013
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Don’t tie our happiness in finding the one. This approach itself is WRONG and gives off the sign of weakness.

Why do Quality People Stay away from the Lonely Ones?

Frankly, life is quite boring and frustrating. People have enough problems of their own. We can hardly bear another anchor dragging us down. Constantly seeking for attention and affection is a burden to these highly accomplished people. Furthermore, some individuals look for the weak ones so to take advantages. Besides The One, there are many other reasons to cheer life for.

How I Dealt with NEVER having Experienced in Love?

Even though the guys entered my life slapped my face from left to right, I never lost the love of life. They left me great lessons. Iron is forged by persistently tempering. Most importantly, I am enthusiastic of technology and visual art. I am passionate of any projects involved with and pour my heart and soul to deliver the best result possibly. I rarely have time to complain or be sad. I was born and raised as the front-line foot solider. There are many people relying on my spirit and decision plan.

How can We Make Ourselves Attractive?

Invest time into interests or other goals. Interesting and well around individuals are always attractive. Be passionate about life and enthusiastic of what we do! People are drawn into these qualities.

As an old saying, we get what we put out. When the one hasn’t come to our way, devote time to become a strong and attractive individual. Life is a battle. This is the RELATIONSHIP STRATEGY from the two generals’ daughter.

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3 comments on “LEARN BEING LONELY

  1. Steve Gagnon on said:

    Hi Hongwei,

    I’m impressed with your new website, and the technical skill you have to put
    it all together. Though you tend to pat
    yourself on the back frequently, this
    time it was warranted.

    Though I seldom agree with your comments or insights, which is why
    I seldom hit ‘Like’, I do find you interesting. I admire your effort and
    expertise. Also your smile and sense
    of humor.

    Since you work in the field of nanotechnology, I wonder what you
    believe in terms of quantum physics.
    Not just in a scientific sense but also
    in a somewhat metaphysical realm
    and how it applies in everyday life.
    Do you see it at work in our inner being
    and our contact with the Universe?

    Lastly I do agree with you that you can’t find happiness via another person or mate. You must cultivate yourself !!!!


  2. Kevin Sheldon on said:

    Dear Hongwei;

    It can be argued that if you pat yourself on the back too many times, your back will get sore! The one rule that it seems that you haven’t learned yet is success is a one way street, with no outlets for change. I enjoy success just as any sane person would. But fame and success is fleeting. Having no one to share your successes, as well as downfalls, life can not bear fruit. If you desire to cry into your pillow every night, you are on the right track.

    Your success in the business world walks a narrow path in life. Your at the time of life where life itself stops giving you things and starts taking them away. Don’t let your obsession with success and wealth overshadow the more important things – love and happiness. As the Beatles song “Can’t Buy Me Love” says, you can’t buy true love and happiness with the almighty dollar! Don’t be another “Scrooge” and make money and success the most important thing in your life, Strive for happiness, yes. Or you may end up just another American statistic!

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