Life, a Magnificent Event

Life, a Magnificent Event

December 14, 2013
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Life, a Magnificent Event


What is the Value of Life? How would you spend your rest of life? My life is to drive a MAGNIFICENT event as the General’s daughter for 2 generations and the student of Richard Smalley, the father of Nanotechnology and the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 1996.

The Value of Life is to Make a Magnificent Event

Be passionate and ambitious so to follow through life plan. To LIVE is much HARDER than to DIE. Frustration, disappointment, and loneliness are the main rhythm of life. Fighting through battles is the best way to live fully. During this journey, we all fail countlessly, and heart breaks million times. So what?! Everyone has to get up and carry on life the next day. Heart of course heals eventually. No one can help us but ourselves. Life without problems is too boring. After surviving through headache, we are making a magnificent event.

In this photo, the golden color and lighting effect highlight an noble and rich texture after long tempering.

A magnificent Event is Built by one Brick at a time 

Any success is built from one brick at a time. The fruit can only be harvested by the people persistently working on. Unfortunately, majority of the people drop out the plan during the middle of the road. In this photo, the foundation presents a majestic temperament after years consistently honing. Even it might appear aged, it only enriches its behind-scene stories.

Condensed Wisdom Forges Magnificent Events

Both the spacial and lighting techniques implemented in this photo successfully grabbed all of my attention and focus from 360° and locked into one focal point, the synergy from visual and psychological effect. Just as an aged man with enormous wisdom, his words can penetrate through time and spacial barriers and directly shock our heart. In this case, this photo itself is a Magnificent event.

Life is about connecting dots. How to connect them to be a magnificent event is the question we all have to solve. As Steve Jobs said, keep searching and never stop!

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