Live in One's Own Prison

Live in One’s Own Prison

December 25, 2013
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Live in One’s Own Prison

26.2% Americans adults— about one in four suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In our everyday life, more people unconsciously undergo various mental issues. The execution includes addiction, negativity, jealousy, etc.

What are the causes? 

Majority of mental illness & issues are rooted from not liking himself/herself and poor self esteem.

A. Childhood. Some of them came from an abusive family or brain washed by mentally dysfunctional parents.

B. Biological Traits. They were born with “vulnerable traits” such as being introverted, sensitive, and suspicious, etc.

C. Negative Life Experience. Lost loved ones or being abused in a relationship can affect one’s thinking pattern and trigger mental illness.

How do cure? 

Either mental disorder or issues are chronically problems. In other words, they can only get worse as one grows older.

1st. He/she must face and acknowledge the problems. This is the grand breaking step. Truth hurts, but the truth sets us free.

2nd. Help oneself. To be helped, one must help him/herself 1st. Relying on family members, psychologists, and medication doesn’t do much work. In Materialism Philosophy, we say “External causes become operative through internal.” In this case, the internal is the determination and action taken by oneself.

We are never too old to change. With the appropriate strategy and implementation, mental illness & issues are curable. Continuing the current pattern is nothing but living in one’s own prison. Life is a choice!

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