September 14, 2013
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Even the world has gone through revolutionary changes, the society remains male dominating. Women held the same position as the men generally are more capable and better accomplished. Changing this dogma cannot be carried out any time soon. How can we seize a better leverage? Be Fearless & Inspired…

As an icon of modern and independent women, I portrait myself as a wild and beautiful horse. I never stop marching. I am a risk taker and go for the steepest challenge. During my life journey, I fell many times and heart broke uncountably. However, I bounced right back where I exactly failed.

How do I view failures?

Part of self growth and life treasure, a learning curve and a step bringing me forward to my destination

Some failures at the time set me to death. After each transformation, I was reborn to a wiser and more beautiful myself! What makes a formidable solider is the one battled to DEATH! The beauty of death is REBORN!

Where do I Find the Inspiration?

We can be inspired by anything we see, hear, or feel. My inspiration comes from appreciating others, observing the world, and learning from failures.

I never stay in one category but dance along the full spectrum. I am a box of surprises. By the time people figure out this me,  I have already evolved to the other. I don’t know what life will take me to the next, but I am honest to myself and my everyday.

These are Modern Woman Spirits and the way we should live. Let life filled with passion and devotion!

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