Modern Women in All Ages

Modern Women in All Ages

December 3, 2013
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Modern Women in All Ages

Modern women existed in all ages was another inspiration after I visited photography exhibition in Houston, TX.

Yesterday, Tracey Tillery Dazzle left a question on my Modern Women Group Page and asked for the definition of Modern Women and whether it exists in all races.

This combination compelled me for this blog post today.

Love Life

In the 1st photo, the aged woman was reading a bakery book to learn making cupcakes. Cupcake is the symbol of modern, femininity, and love. She held the book closely because she needs a closer distance to read the instruction. However, the aged eye sights didn’t stop her from pursuing love and following the passion of life.

Stay Hungry & Foolish  

We should never stop pursuing knowledge. A lot of people including some highly educated ones rarely update their information reservoir after graduated from school. These people live on the piece of degree paper. As today’s technology changes so rapidly, how would we maintain this “easy” life?

In the 3rd photo, even the woman’s hair turned into all grey, her desire in knowledge continues motivating her to learn. She might be physically elder, but her mind is fresh.

Seek for Improvement & Solution

In real life, modern women constantly execute improvement and seek for the solutions. All the knowledge at end services to deliver results. During any implementation, mistakes and errors are inevitable. Be true to ourselves and stay focused.

Be Independent Financially & Emotionally

One of the key aspects being modern women is to be independent both financially and emotionally. In this fast paced and highly stressed society, we all have many burdens on the shoulder. Either relationship or marriage is a team work, and both members motivate the other. Without this independence but constantly looking for someone to rescue leads no long run in any form of relationships.

Be a Good Wife & Mother 

It doesn’t matter how the world changes. Two fundamental roles of a woman are a wife and a mother. Femininity and responsibilities must carry on.

Any woman from all ages and races has the capacity to be modern, of course, with some content of variance due to cultures and religions.

Be enthusiastic and passionate of life!

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