September 15, 2013
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Talents are the gem, but having talents isn’t enough for survival.

The death of Michael Jackson services a good lesson: Don’t allow others control our life. In contrast, Steve Jobs held his believes and conquered every inch of the planet. Both were one of the kind genius, but they ended their lives totally opposite. What led the two distinctive outcomes?

One was knocked down, while the other fought to the death and followed his passion! 

People are embedded with both angel and guilt sides

The guilt compels them to destroy things they cannot have or meet their expectations. Majority of the sin is rooted from jealousy. On the other hand, the talents, being criticized, are human not a God. Therefore, being attacked is just a matter for those to find an angle to execute.

How can we fight back?

The best defense is self defense. Focus on our to-do-list and deliver results. Our creation and competence enable us stand out from the crowd. This is who we are and where the root is held.

How should we handle criticism?

Use critical reasoning strategy; intake the advice from the logical ones and filter out those nonsense. As an old saying, “There is always a room for improvement.” One important surviving rule is to adjust ourselves to the current environment. Changing is always hard, but we are a done deal once we are removed from the game.

Even during the time we are overwhelmed with criticism, do NEVER abandon ourselves. Stay strong and be resilient.  Talents attract each other. We will never be alone! Fight to the end!

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2 comments on “TALENTS AREN’T ENOUGH

  1. Keep fighting! We shall never surrender.

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