Wisdom, The Sharp Sword

Wisdom, The Sharp Sword

November 28, 2013
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Wisdom, The Sharp Sword

Wisdom is the sharp sword, the spirit after I visited a photography exhibition in Houston, TX.

This series of photos immediately brought me back Jan 2001 when I first met Richard Smalley, the Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 1996 and the Father of Nanotechnology, during our 1st eye contact and hand shake. His eye sight was as laser beam and penetrated through every brain cells of mine. This eye sight drained out my last trace of intelligence. He conquered my heart and soul instantly and silently.

Life is a Battle 

Life is a battle. In all sorts of war, wisdom is the most powerful armament. It is the sharp sword stabbing directly into the competitor’s heart. “The truth hurts” is another expression.

How do we Sharpen this Sword?

Talent is the matter we are either born with or we don’t. However, both wisdom and talents must sharpen by hard work and devotion. During this long journey, we all make enormous mistakes, but we will correct ourselves. The ones I appreciate the most in life are who allow me to make mistakes and give me the chance to grow.

Be the Bravest Knight    

Equip ourselves with this power. Pick up the sharp sword and march at our battle fields. As Steve Jobs said, “The ones, who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” In today’s combat without gun smoke, all male and female have the stage to perform.


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